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Wonderwear Cloth Diaper Delivery ServiceBabyDue is now Wonderwear! Wonderwear Cloth Diaper Delivery Service proudly serves the Mississauga community.

Formerly BabyDue Cloth Diaper Service (which has served the GTA and surrounding communities for the past 6 years), we have recently purchased the business and are excited to take it to the next level! We have rebranded to Wonderwear Modern Diaper Service, have added new diaper sizes and inventory and have massively expanded our online store.

Please visit our new website at www.wonderwear.ca to learn more! Thank you for your interest in our service!

We are passionate about cloth diapering and are driven to reduce the number of babies in disposable diapers. We recognize that delivering superior customer service is a critical component to our business and it is very important to us. We promise to go the extra mile to ensure you are enjoying the service. If there is anything we can do… just let us know!


Taking the work out of cloth diapering while saving you money… Wonderwear is a super alternative to disposable diapers!

How our service works in 3 easy steps… 
1. Just toss the soiled diapers in our odor and water proof bag and place on your doorstep once a week for us to pick up
2. When we pick up, we will leave you a new set of hospital level sanitized diapers in a clean diaper bag
3. Remove the diapers and place the diaper bag in your pail ready to collect used diapers for the week

FIT LIKE DISPOSABLES: Wonderwear modern diapers are form fitted with elasticized legs and back, have multiple snap closures and are sized by age… just like disposables! We offer 10 different diaper sizes to ensure an excellent fit as your baby grows. A super fit means less leaks and more comfort for your baby.

STAY DRY DESIGN: Wonderwear cloth diapers combine a microfleece inner layer with a cotton interior pad to draw wetness and bacteria away from baby’s sensitive skin. Microfleece is a common diapering fiber used as a stay dry layer. These fabrics are not designed to absorb liquids, so when used inside a diaper as the layer closest to a baby’s skin the urine passes through them and into the absorbent layers of the diaper. This stay dry design reduces diaper rash and helps your baby sleep through the night.

CHEAPER THAN DISPOSABLES: You will save roughly $1,300 using Wonderwear cloth diaper service vs disposables for the 2.5 years your baby is in diapers.

LOCAL BUSINESS: Wonderwear is local with laundry facilities in both Concord and Oakville to reduce our carbon footprint with minimal travel.

NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS: Our diapers are chemical free and our state of the art laundry system guarantees hospital level sanitization without chlorine or bleach.

ECO-FRIENDLY: Our latest technology washers and dryers are the most energy efficient available ensuring less water/energy use. Our vehicles use bluetec technology to reduce carbon emissions.

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