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14 gallon Diaper pail – $39.99 ORDER ONLINE

  • Our diaper pails are made with recycled plastics and fit nicely beside your baby’s change table. They also fit our water proof diaper bags that you exchange your diapers in week to week.

Charcoal filters – 2 for $5.75 ORDER ONLINE

  • One charcoal filter comes with your diaper pail upon delivery. It is recommended that you change these filters every couple of months to ensure that your baby’s room stay’s as fresh smelling as possible.

Mother ease diaper covers – $13.50 ORDER ONLINE

  • Any cover will work with our diapers, the most preferred however are Mother-ease. Mother-ease has proven to be the far superior brand of choice over the years. If you do need covers with your service you can either rent or purchase these covers through us at any time.
  • XS, SM, Med, M/L and LG

ABC Herbal Diaper Rash Cream – $18.00 ORDER ONLINE

  • A light, water-repelling ointment that gently relieves baby from sore, dry, chapped skin. Rich in antioxidants, herbs and botanicals, it helps prevent diaper rash, redness and irritation. Excellent for minor burns, cuts, scrapes and sunburn also. Recommended for all skin types. ( 141 g )

ABC Baby Hair and Body Wash – $18.00 ORDER ONLINE

  • A gentle, mild, tear-free cleanser that is botanically-based for a baby’s delicate hair and skin. It moisturizes and conditions by replacing the natural oils as it cleanses never leaving hair and skin feeling stripped or dry. Antioxidants work to protect from environmental factors while natural herbs and botanicals help maintain the perfect moisture balance of hair and skin. Recommended for children from birth to 10 and extremely sensitive skin types. ( 8.5 fl oz./251 ml )

ABC  Body Lotion – $18.00 ORDER ONLINE

  • A gentle lotion formulated for delicate skin that soothes, softens and conditions skin, while helping to reduce redness and irritation. ( 236 mL )

ABC Body Oil – $23.00 ORDER ONLINE

  • Softens, moisturizes and protects baby’s delicate skin. A gentle formulation that conditions dry, chapped skin while providing antioxidant protection. Helps reduce redness and irritation while restoring essential moisture. Recommended for children from birth to 10 and extremely sensitive skin types. ( 174 mL )

Arbonne Baby Care Set – $94.00 ORDER ONLINE

  • The Arbonne Baby Care Set includes ABC Hair & Body Wash, ABC Body Lotion, ABC Herbal Diaper Rash Cream, ABC Body Oil, and ABC Sunscreen SPF 30+. Give the little ones the skin they deserve. A $104 value, for $94

Reusable Absorbent  Crib and Change Pads – $16.95 to $24.95 ORDER ONLINE

  • These are one of the finest quilted change pad and crib pad in today’s market. The outer layer is a non-slip surface made of 100% impermeable Blue Dog vinyl. The middle layer is an absorbent soaker made of 35% Rayon and 65% Polyester. The inner layer is made of 100% cotton.  The pads are finished with fine binding around the edges. Made in Canada.
  • Crib Pad (34”x36”) – $24.95
  • Change Pad (17” and 24”) – $16.95
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